Sunday, 28 February 2010

To paint or not to paint?

Ever have that sinking feeling, when you stare blankly at the paper or canvas in front of you, and your muse has packed it's bags and taken an early holiday?
I often get that block where I cannot muster anything inside of me.
Some artists like to go off and take a walk or just simply do something else.Anything else.
For me personally, I always try to persevere with a totally open mind.I scrible, and push paint around, and just experiment with no real goal in mind, and just stay curious to what may happen.
And for some strange reason, for me certainly, a breakthrough inevitably happens.
Perhaps because I am not relying on tried and tested formulas, and a narrow line of sight, some of my best work actually starts to reveal itself.
I believe, it is the more unconconcious and creative side that is allowed to come out and show it's colours, and it needs a leap of faith to let it go off, run riot, and do it's stuff.
It can sometimes feel scary and time wasting at first because I don't see much happening in front of me.
Yet I am sure that this is where my creativity as an artist is actually propelled forward, and I am actively developing.
Perhaps making the time to do it a bit more would yield even more spectacular results.
I thnk I will make the time soon.
Very soon.

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