Friday, 12 February 2010

Technique Huh!

I was speaking to another artist yesterday regarding technique.

And for her, it was as if there was nothing else but.

True, technique has it's place , but it really is only a means to an end as far as I see it.

Whatever vision an artist has, it has to be executed onto whatever medium he or her is using.

There's no point having fabulous ideas if the ideas cannot be transferred onto the paper, or clay or whatever is being used.

But to have only techniques on show, with no substance is like looking at the flashiest website but nothing inside to look at, or a grat jacket design on a book but with nothing on the inside pages.

Some of the best books I have read had a shoddy cover, but fantastic stories and ideas inside them.

Painting is no different.

I suppose first the idea is to get someone to look at a piece of work long enough and be drawn in to see the concepts and ideas underneath.

That is the reason for technique as I see it.

It is a tool, and a means to an end.

I would rather see the ideas flowing , even with crude techniques.

Ideas are the creative part, not so much the actual physical end product.

But then, that is only my opinion.

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