Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Oh Lucky Us!

It never escapes me, how privileged it is to be an artist.
And I mean any kind of artist.
Be it 2D or 3D art, it is just having the licence to do whatever it is you want.
There are no barriers, or no laws to contain one's ideas.
It is a very easy and common trap, that sometimes I fall into, in so much as I get hung up on trying to render images that conform or are recognizable in the 'real' world.
Then I have a jolt, and go "Hang on a minute here, I can do whatever I want, and who cares whether it is a real reflection of reality".
But, it is so easy to forget that.I have the licence to do whatever I see fit, as does any other artist.
Truth be told, in my small opinion.
The best art I have ever come across has been far, far removed from reality, or likeness to the world we inhabit.
Even after all these years, I have to remind myself...."Come on Chris, Let go ....Just let go!"

1 comment:

  1. This is a fantastic post. I feel so much the same. Bound by self-imposed limitations that when truly, honestly examined are meaningless. pointless. harmful.
    Thanks for sharing!