Saturday, 22 January 2011

Aceo 'A Tower Of Love'

What the public want

It's always been a delicate balance for me.Trying to guess what will sell against what I like and what I hope may sell.
I hardly ever get it right.I have had no choice but to follow my heart, and paint the things that inspire me the most.
Many a piece I have completed, and thought Wow!, that will fly off the shelf.....Hahaha!, I thought after relisting it on Ebay for the 3rd time.
Then other paintings I have considered throwing in the bin, as I did not want my name attached to them, and have gone on to sell, incredibly well.
I shake my head in submissive abandon, as I just cannot guage what other people really like or want after all these years.
That's why I paint for me....Now this piece above (Aceo entitled 'Follow Your Heart'), I really, really like...Hmmm!, no fortunes to be made off this one then !!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

It's always interesting to me, my own limitations to painting Aceo's, being that I'm confined to such a small area.
It certainly focuses the mind, as there is no room for superfluous imagery to get my message across, and it helps produce an efficiency to my work.
The downside, is it keeps me out of practice of bigger sweeping scenes, that I sometimes feel I need to produce.I can get locked in very easily to a macro view of the world.Nothing bad in and of itself, just frustrating for a while , when I need to switch viewpoints.
Still, I have a real love of painting these Aceo's, and that isn't going to change until I feel I have explored a lot more territory with them yet.
Imagination is equal to limitation.

Friday, 14 January 2011

I finally decided that I have found the palette that best helps me to express myself.It has taken a lot of searching, and certainly not on the concious level.
I can discern many an artist on their colour schemes alone, and now I can also define myself accordingly.
This is where the real work begins, as I have to now maximise my potential with the hand I have dealt myself with.
We are all responsible and accountable to ourselves, and the choices we give ourselves, and how we choose to run with that, are what will ultimately make or break us.
There's no hiding from that.