Saturday, 22 January 2011

What the public want

It's always been a delicate balance for me.Trying to guess what will sell against what I like and what I hope may sell.
I hardly ever get it right.I have had no choice but to follow my heart, and paint the things that inspire me the most.
Many a piece I have completed, and thought Wow!, that will fly off the shelf.....Hahaha!, I thought after relisting it on Ebay for the 3rd time.
Then other paintings I have considered throwing in the bin, as I did not want my name attached to them, and have gone on to sell, incredibly well.
I shake my head in submissive abandon, as I just cannot guage what other people really like or want after all these years.
That's why I paint for me....Now this piece above (Aceo entitled 'Follow Your Heart'), I really, really like...Hmmm!, no fortunes to be made off this one then !!!!!!!!!!

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