Saturday, 31 October 2009

This Two Hearts Aceo is inspired by my love of my children.
Even though they are grown up now, the memories of them as youngsters live long in my heart.

ACEO by Chris Larkin entitled REACH FOR YOUR DREAMS.
The day that you stop reaching for your dreams, is the day the dream dies.
Never Stop..Never!

Friday, 30 October 2009

House On The Hill

This ACEO is titled Little House On The Hill.
Perhaps a little place I would like to call my own.Away from the overlooked street I live on.

Should Art Be Free?

I personally wish I never had to sell any of my art.
I don't mean I would keep it locked away in my cupboards or under the bed.
Art should be displayed, and enjoyed by others or at the very least by some-one.Anyone.
But to be , and continue to be an artist I have to be realistic and know it has to sell otherwise I don't have the means to continue to be and grow as an artist.
If, I was ideally wealthy enough to worry no more about money, then i would still paint on an almost daily basis.
The difference being, I would give it away rather than sell it.To know that some-one had some pleasure owning my art, is almost a reward in and of itself.
I love painting art, and I believe in art, as it enriches one's being, and I love to share that fact.
But alas for now, I cannot give it for free as i want to dedicate my life to my art, and still have enough money not to keep life ticking on.
I don't actually own a single piece of my own art.Nothing!
Everytime i paint something i love,I weigh it up against my desire to frame and keep it, or what it may mean in terms of which bill it may pay.
The bills win every time.
A fact of life I know.
Though, my real joy comes from the sheer creation of each painting.
To turn a blank piece of paper in front of me, into something colourful and fun has no equal.
Creating something from nothing.
I always have my moment of pleasure after I have created something, even for the small fleeting time it stays within my ownership.

This is the full colour version.

These are the streets that I know so well.Rows upon rows that blend one to another.
Yet if you spend time and look closely, you start to see something else.
The people that live within these dwellings are a rich tapestry of stories that give vibrancy to the bland surroundings.
It's the people that make the difference.
Rays of sunshine emanating from a so called despairing front.
People just like you and me.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Alone With The World.
Sometimes it's nice to be alone with your own thoughts, but still having the comfort of knowing the rest of the world is within reach whenever you need it.

My 3rd painting of the day.Where I would probably like to be right this moment.

I felt I needed to be near the coastline, so I painted this.Now I'm satisfied.
Thats the thing with painting.You can take yourself to anywhere you want to go.Just think it, and then be there.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

7 Balloons by Chris Larkin.
I used to be a balloon seller once.Hence the inspiration for this.

Profile of an artist

My name is Chris Larkin, I'm 44, and I'm an artist.

I have worked many different jobs throughout my life, but I suppose at heart I've always been an artist.

In fact art defines my very being.

Why do I do it?

I try to provide for my family is one reason.I certainly don't make any huge amounts, though not for the lack of trying.

The other main reason is, I just can't help myself. Corny as it sounds, it's almost a calling.I am compelled to create.
When I sometimes have to lay down my brushes, and work some crummy part time job to keep ahead of the bills, there's a force inside of me that literally eats away at me until I start painting again.
I have been known to chew my nails, develop minor nervous tics, and be at war with the entire world because of the pent up creative forces inside of me need somewhere to go.An almost nervous energy that needs releasing.
The only known cure for me, is to paint again.It's a drive that I cannot harness or control, and I am forced along the tide with it.It's like being on a racing horse, and being at one with the energy underneath.
If I fall off, my foot is caught in the stirrup, dragging me along until I pll myself back up and flow with the force.
I have very few other skills, but then I don't want many other passions.
I have all I need through my art, and I am thankful for that force that drives me.
Whether I make it big, and turn out rich who knows.
Truthfully, I'm not sure I really care.As long as I paint then life has some meaning and purpose for me.
Art is like having a child.The real gift is when you've passed on, and the legacy lives on long after you are gone.
It says to the world. I WAS HERE!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Art for the masses? Or not.

What one person sees, another can never fathom out.
I like it, and that is all that really matters.
I have done what I felt i have set out to achieve.
The Warmth of Winter