Monday, 28 June 2010

ACEO Waterolour Chris Larkin Titled SUNBLUSH HILL.
I'm playing around again with subtle colour changes to see what moods I can conjure up.Using warmer and colder shadow areas, as small as they are, do make a significant difference.....Well, to me anyway.
Painting the background hill, a purply grape colour plays off against the yellowy fence and far trees for more impact, but at the same time helps unify the painting's overall palette and colour scheme........Also,........does it really matter?

Monday, 21 June 2010

Corner by Sally's Watercolour.
I often love painting in the square format, as it is not the most obvious and favoured dimensions.
It gets me creative on another level for filling and balancing the space.

Friday, 18 June 2010

First 7 to email me get one free ACEO print

I have 7 different design ACEO sized cards with little envelopes that I'm offering FREE to the first seven people that email me, who would like one.
I can only offer 7 because that is all I have left.
Nice to keep , or send out to some-one.
Just drop by my website on the contact page and send me your name and address, and I will pop one in the post to you.
PROMENADE - Watercolour.
Again, another older piece of mine that I came across.
My move from a more realism style of painting is more or less complete.
Just what I originally intended.

This is a piece painted many years ago,but I'm always drawn to it for its simplicity in my opinion.
It was certainly a pre-cursor to my stick legged people that now are the mainstay of my work.
I like, where possible, to have the people in my paintings relate to one another, and this was the start of it for me.
Even though many of my pieces have street scenes, it is the people depicted in them, and what they are doing, that holds the most importance.