Friday, 30 October 2009

Should Art Be Free?

I personally wish I never had to sell any of my art.
I don't mean I would keep it locked away in my cupboards or under the bed.
Art should be displayed, and enjoyed by others or at the very least by some-one.Anyone.
But to be , and continue to be an artist I have to be realistic and know it has to sell otherwise I don't have the means to continue to be and grow as an artist.
If, I was ideally wealthy enough to worry no more about money, then i would still paint on an almost daily basis.
The difference being, I would give it away rather than sell it.To know that some-one had some pleasure owning my art, is almost a reward in and of itself.
I love painting art, and I believe in art, as it enriches one's being, and I love to share that fact.
But alas for now, I cannot give it for free as i want to dedicate my life to my art, and still have enough money not to keep life ticking on.
I don't actually own a single piece of my own art.Nothing!
Everytime i paint something i love,I weigh it up against my desire to frame and keep it, or what it may mean in terms of which bill it may pay.
The bills win every time.
A fact of life I know.
Though, my real joy comes from the sheer creation of each painting.
To turn a blank piece of paper in front of me, into something colourful and fun has no equal.
Creating something from nothing.
I always have my moment of pleasure after I have created something, even for the small fleeting time it stays within my ownership.

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