Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Is it work?

I, without doubt, consider myself a working artist.I paint on an almost daily basis, and when I'm not painting, I'm either planning a new piece, or spending my time marketing and promoting my work.
I easily clock up in excess of 60 hours a week, all told, on my work.
I absolutely love what I do, and sur,e I would paint even if I wasn't selling my work.
I'm not in that position, as I need the income as much as anyone else does.
I still treat what I do, as a full time job, and I will never retire 'per se' as it is a career and vocation I will follow to the end of my days.
Art for me, is a way of life.A philosophy almost. It is something that inspires me to get up in the mornings for.It has meaning, and helps to define who I am.
I never see it as work though, but I treat it as any person would, a job that they love.
The more hours I am able to spend doing this, well, the happier I am.

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