Monday, 14 February 2011


I think very often when having a conversation, it is not necessary to relate everything in minute details.It is the quality of the chosen words, and the unsaid, that is often the most enigmatic and interesting.The same is applied to music, in it's simple melodies that are embellished at key points, along with it's silences that produce memorable and emotive pieces.
I don't bog myself in all the details, as I want as much interpretation left open as is possible, while keeping you on the path I want to lead you down.
For me, the simplicity in this piece conveys, all I want to relate.Innocence, and hope.
What you see of course will no doubt be quite different.It doesn't matter though whether you get my point of view, it matters only that you can connect and relate it to some part of your life.The degree to which it affects you, is what really carries the most weight, and if the experience is powerful, then hopefully I have done my job well.


  1. Beautiful work!

  2. Love the cafe and people the colours are fantastic; real vibrant feel