Friday, 25 February 2011


How do you see your world?
I know how I see mine.We can all choose to see the darkness or the light.It is always a choice we have.
Sure, there is an underbelly to life, and that doesn't mean it cannot be acknowledged, but we also don't have to let it pervade our pschye either.
No-one will ever know true reality, due to it's subjectve natue.As people, we have the opportunity not to see what we think is there, but the imagination to know what could be there.Is that not where true visionaries started their journies? To be able to see the hidden possibilities.
My work is grounded in a reality symbolised by figures, and I try to project an essence of joy, and hopes and dreams.Rather how I think things should be, whether or not these things ever come to pass.
If you actively seek joy and beauty in your life, and persevere relentlessly towards those things, how can you not arrive at that destination.
What you see in my work, is what I seek for in my life.Whether I choose wisely or not, it is ultimately my choice.What's yours?

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  1. I managed to buy one of your earlier paintings on ebay, the date on the back of the ACEO was 2008. If that is correct time has just flown by! I love your very clean minimal style together with the bright colours. You art always managed to convey feeling and empathy.