Saturday, 16 October 2010

Folksy,whimsical, Naive....What?

I get many different descriptions of my work, ranging from Folksy art to Whimsical.
I'm not quite sure what it is.For me, it just is, what it is.I don't like to pigeonhole it into category.
When I first started to paint, I tried to paint in the very traditional way, but somehow my heart was never really there.
I do however love to view traditional watercolour, especially from many of the purists, and I look on with awe, and inspiration.In fact it is a passion for me.
My work just developed down the path it did, because I was following what eventually became natural to me.
Art should always be , in my eyes, an expression of what's inside of you, and however that manifests itself is I think the right way to go.
That's not to say one should be lazy in not experimenting and trying out new ideas, or reaching out of your comfort zone.That , I feel is how an artist develops.Pushing ones own natural boundaries.
My work may not suit the tastes of watercolour purists, but it certainly suits who I am.
If it really has to be categorized, then perhaps it should just be Chris Larkinism.

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  1. well..I for one love it and ma glad I found you through Pinterest :-)