Friday, 6 November 2009

Most scenes I paint come entirely from imagination, though all are routed in past observations, and not necessarily conciously either.
This scene for instance.
I don't know any lighthouse, that from this angle exists. I am quite sure, one probably does, somewhere .
But I guess I have seen something similar, whether in a book, film or other because for me it looks a plausible scene.
The point for me is, that it's unimportant.
It's the emotive factor that's relevant. I am more focused on the groups of people, and trying to show a relationship of sorts between them.Each has to have a link to the painting , or a reason for being there.The rest of the painting serves only as a backdrop, to give the painting(or story) some context.
Sometimes paintings for me are wistful yearnings for how I would like things to be.Just because things are not, does not mean I cannot want them to be.
I never strive to paint things as they are really are anymore.I will leave that to the photographers and archivists.
I want to go on a different journey.

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