Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Happy Accidents

I was asked some time ago why my people only had a stick for legs.
The truthful answer was, that I just wasn't very good at drawing feet, so it started out as a sort of improvisation.
ThenI realised, even after being able to draw better feet, it gave my work a much quirkier feel to it, and I liked that.
I have never looked back in that sense.
It also presented me with another challenge on how to give movement to the people.
That I resolved by changing the different angles the legs emanated from the body.
This is why I also love painting ACEO's.
Since there is a very small area in which to paint, I must try and use the space efficiently whilst not cluttering the composition.The 'less is more' skills gained here translate wonderfully to the larger pieces too.
I remember one of my brother's telling me about a conversation he had with Alex Millar whose paintings depict gadsby's.
He said that AM told him he always painted them from the rear due to him not being able to paint faces very well.Now this is the trademark that has made his work so popular.
Maybe my failing might be the making of me.

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