Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Keep Going

Yesterday, was a difficult day, creatively.I'm sitting staring at a blank piece of paper, and not a drop of inspiration would come my way.Absolutely nothing. I looked over my previous work, and tried to work out a variant on those themes.Nothing!
I couldn't muster anything, and that happens quite alot.Some people will ask,where does your inspiration come from? I used to think it just popped out of nowhere, and all I had to do, was sit and wait like a passive observe,r for the thunderbolt to hit. Yes, that does happen from time to time, but it is not the norm.Trust me.
So, in this case, there is only one thing left to do. Sit down, and start to doodle, and try out ideas, no matter how random, and bizarre.
It is this process, of perseverance, that helps inspiration to strike.To keep on going, when others give up.
Sure enough, slowly out of the gloom, the doodling started to take form, and the idea of a heart made from smaller hearts came.
I wasn't sure about this piece, but I kept on going, and now it's painted, I really like it.
Even, better than that, I have an new wave of  creative ideas that emanate from this piece.
So when a vacuum is stumbled upon, you just gotta keep persevering, until you extingish it.
Never, ever, ever,EVER, give up.

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